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Provide customers high quality Dehydrated Onion Flakes, Garlic Powder, Garlic in other forms, etc.

About Us

When it comes to enhancing the favor, aroma, appearance and taste of food products, what can be more healthful than using garlic and onion? Nothing, because onion and garlic are two most important necessities which makes food more delightful. There is hardly any cuisine and dish, where onion and garlic are not used. There are many health benefits of consuming garlic and onion, protection against heart diseases, controlling diabetes are a few to name. One stop shop where customers would find best quality and fresh garlic and onion in normal form as well as in the form of flakes and powder is Fresh International.

As the very name of the company suggest we deal in Red Onion Flakes, White Onion Flakes, fresh Onion, Red Onion Flakes, and Garlic powder. Fresh and hygienically produced vegetables are sourced from trustworthy and certified farmers. We have well-developed a production unit, where sourced vegetables are cut, mixed and chopped using advance machines and hand tools. We are a newbie Manufacturer. Our company came into establishment in 2017 with an aim to promote healthy living. By providing our customers the best quality aforesaid products, we are walking on the right path of accomplishing our aim.
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To support us, we have competent, adroit and dextrous sourcing agents, quality checkers, packaging experts and logistic personnel.


We have a very well-developed and robust infrastructure, divided into production area and storage area.

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A new entrant company that aims at satisfying the demands of both national and international consumers by providing them only quality Dehydrated Onion Flakes, Garlic Flakes and other products.
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