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Consumed both in its raw form and in cooked form, Onions are acknowledged for their numerous health benefits. In culinary arena, these vegetables have wide applications as a flavor enhancing agents. These help to avert formation of bad cholesterol if eaten in their raw form. Vitamin C found in these vegetables is effective in boosting immunity power. Low in calorie, these vegetables are especially recommended for those who are on weight loss diet. Featured with multiple layers, Onions are the huge sources of quercetin which is a type of anti cancer agent. As wonderful suppliers of antioxidants, these vegetables are effective in safeguarding our body against free radicals.


  • These taste enhancing vegetables are available in red and white forms.
  • Stored for longer period.
  • Apart from their culinary applications, these have various therapeutic values.
  • Distinctive pungent smell.
Red Onion is known as a good source of a number of nutritional elements like protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Low in calorie, this vegetable has extensive applications in culinary arena as a taste enhancing agent. The antioxidant flavonoid present in red version of onion is beneficial for maintaining salubrious condition of heart.
White Onion
White Onion
White Onion is known for its high sulfur and fiber based content that has numerous health benefits. Its high flavonoid content is acknowledged as an essential blood thinning agent. Featured with mild flavor, this type of onion is used for preparing spices, seasonings and other food items. As a good source of vitamin C, this onion promotes production of collagen for quickening wound healing process.