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Onions have extensive applications in culinary as well as in health care fields. Known for their pungent smell, these vegetables are consumed and used both in their raw form and cooked form. These are also added in various dishes in powder and dehydrated forms. Red variety of these vegetables has more health benefits than their white variant. These are excellent sources of a number of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and protein.

Garlic Powder
Garlic Powder is popularly used as taste enhancing seasoning in a number of cuisines. Inclusion of this powder in soup or snacks helps to add flavor to those food without using salt. It acts as the suitable solution to add garlic flavor to any roasted item, salad dressing or sauces. Free flow form, preservative and additive free content, pure composition and long shelf life are some of its key attributes.

Dehydrated Onions
Dehydrated Onions are prepared by adopting various procedures that include convective air drying, solar drying and osmotic drying to name a few. Standard grade white and red onions are chosen to obtain their dehydrated form. These are truly effective in enhancing flavor, color and texture of various delectable items. Long shelf life, distinctive pungent smell, high nutritional value, preservative free composition and reasonable price are some of their key features.
A single bulb of Garlics contains ten to twenty cloves. Apart from its taste enhancing properties, these vegetables are the powerhouses of a number of nutrients. Their allicin content is effective in improving functioning of digestive tract. Known for their low calorific value, these are wonderful sources of vitamin B6 and C. The medicinal properties of these vegetables strengthen immunity system and maintain normal condition of blood sugar.
The Coconuts we offer are free of preservatives. They are appreciated by our clients because of their high content level of health beneficiary minerals & nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, etc. They are natural diuretic which makes them helpful for consumers suffering from upset stomach.